PARK YAŞAM SANTORİNİ Park Yaşam Santorini – Park Yaşam Santorini


In Çiğli, one of the value-gaining districts of İzmir, we have combined the historical beauties of the Aegean and the Mediterranean with modern architecture and decided to offer you a unique life.

Park Yaşam Santorini, which has a construction area of 74.000 m2 and located in the region where the air is the cleanest, makes a difference with being a human-oriented and environmentalist concept project in İzmir.

Park Life Santorini, thanks to its location which is close to the ring road links and next to Izban and bus stops, is just a few minutes from Çiğli, Mavisehir and Karşıyaka.Park Yasam Santorini, which is adjacent to private schools, Çiğli Education and Research Hospital and life and entertainment centers, enables you to reach to life in the fastest and easiest way.

In addition, as a result of the Ground Survey studies conducted due to its location, a safe life in Santorini, which is a project that will be in an earthquake-resistant area and on firm soil, awaits investors.

The project consists of 539 residences and 17 Santorini houses that are in the villa concept which are both duplex and detached houses.